Truss Designs for Garages & Pole Barns

Truss Types

Regular (Common) Truss - The most affordable and widely used truss design in residential and pole building industry.


Scissor Truss - Due to sloped bottom chord, this truss provides more headroom on first level.  Provides cathedral ceiling.


Cambered Truss - Provides extra first level headroom and flat ceiling in mid-section.


Dual Pitch Truss - Top chords are built with two different roof slopes, with a front slope usually steeper than back slope.


Monopitch Truss - May be used to build overhangs, single sloped roofs or longer-span Common truss with center support.


Gambrel Truss - Used mainly for its style to resemble a "barn look".  May also be built with storage attic.


Cathedral Truss - Also know as Vault truss is used to provide a Vaulted ceiling.


Studio Truss (Studio Vault) - Used to provide an extra headroom or a Vaulted ceiling in certain application.


Polynesian Truss - Has a dual pitch top chord where the slope significantly increases from the heel to the peak.


Inverted Truss - Requires two bearing supports and is often used to build a Double Inverted Truss with Vaulted ceiling.


Flat Truss - Has two parallel chords and is used to build a floor or a roof.


Bowstring Truss - Is used where curved roof surface is required and is built with short top chord segments.


Attic Truss - Is used to provide storage space up in the attic.  Bottom chord of the room floor is built with heavier timber and is designed as a floor joist to carry required live loads.

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